Coast Star "The Second bride diary Network Grand Prix" hot debut!
Recruit couples intention to shoot the wedding, the love story; senior brand wedding dress free! Wedding shoot free! Participants there are gifts! Show your love story, take your own prize! To pay tribute to the new and old customers trust and support of the Star Coast wedding photography, the same time to celebrate the star shores the Tianjian wedding channel, contribute the majority of users. On the same day, the grand launch star coast of the first "Bridal the diary Network Grand Prix!" To participate have the opportunity to get 8000 yuan brand wedding gowns, free wedding photography, and 2300 yuan of 18-inch fine location Albums!  formal evening dresses Preferential unprecedented and rare opportunity! Share your love story = free premium brands of wedding photographs wedding dress to participate in gift! Registration May 31, 2010 deadline! 18-inch location, a value of the award the first prize: a gift value of 8000 yuan brand wedding dress; (a) Award 2300 Albums; Second Prize: return all booking sets the amount of 100%; (a) Award a the present value of 2300 yuan of 18-inch location Albums; (if your order sets is greater than 8000, the prize value will exceed the first prize) Third prize: 4999 yuan worth of family portrait set; (a) Award a value of 2300 18-inch location Albums; Finalist: four to 10, the prize of a 2300 yuan worth of 18-inch location Albums; Participation Award: Award a value of 2300 yuan of 18-inch location Albums; (order registration send) lucky: Registration on June 30, 2010 deadline! Registration: Coast official website of landing star to enter the registration page, contact customer service online competition to the specific circumstances; Tel: 15712362227 Online Customer Service: QQ: 6,579,366,220

Trick network of overdraft credit card will not work skillfully to earn interest of 100,000
To apply for 10 credit cards, six years to nine years to their credit earned more than 90,000 yuan interest, such a good thing you believe? Circulating a lot of online forums yesterday "Carter people to teach you their credit earned 10 million interest" article, the article said, as long as the card is the main have enough time and enough patience afterwards, then it is easily can use a credit card to earn interest. Such a good thing really exist? In the credit card really earn bank interest? Article online yesterday to find this "overdraft credit card to make 10 million interest" Carter people, post-person, and now young for credit cards is very simple, the age of 30, 2 million yuan amount of effort on application down as much as possible to apply for many credit cards. Then he began counting the account: If there are two lines of credit are $ 20,000 card, hands leave a card, brush the other cards, "We should be very familiar with how it required no fee directly to get credit card the money, even if not that way now spend fee is a very low cost. "after the deposit 20 000 time deposits, where the first years kept an interest Forget it, anyway kept long are not afraid. Repayment date to the first month, 20 000, in which a card, overdraft in advance of another card, then this card, and so on that card expires, and then goes on to. "I believe a lot of credit card credit card debt, know how shattering trick." Post person above, this method can be crazy card, do 121 cards. Each card 20 000 12 240 000 13 card 20000, is devoted to the repayment of use. Each month deposit 2w to count. Every month after the one-year deposit, the 2w principal plus interest of about 450 yuan. The posting claimed that he had a friend, an average of 50 000 credit card limit one, intend to overdraft 10 with more one usually there are tens of thousands of deposits, he kept under 1 year 100 000 count, the 5 year periodic maturity is the sixth year, interest rates are 18000, the sixth year to ten years, interest of 90 000. Then overdrawn credit cards in the credit card, can achieve a good thing to earn interest of 100,000? The reporter consulted the experts, they believe the "impossible" and "uneconomical". "No-cost credit card online talking about cash, should refer to cash in through false trading online." An industry source said yesterday in fact, this method is in reality is subject to monitoring. On Taobao will be automatic monitoring of false transactions, the sellers must be issued by the shipping certificate. Frequent, a large number of transactions, the system will automatically monitor, say the banks for credit card online shopping limit, the bank every day to each online transaction limit is $ 500, but to cash in the credit card by frequent trading, then it is easy to be found. "credit card normal cash withdrawal cost is relatively high. Most banks cash for credit card advances, regardless of local off-site, typically charge about 3% fee, minimum 30 yuan; In addition, banks should start from the date of cash day cash amount of five ten thousandths of interest is charged, equivalent to interest rate is 18 percent, more than three times the current six months to one year lending rate. Therefore, the consumer credit card overdraft cash repayment by fixed deposits for more than 2% of the deposit interest income, is clearly uneconomical. The Carel Shenzhen wedding photography, Shenzhen photography studio, quality is king, honesty, without any violation of consumer, focusing on word of mouth heritage card music wedding photography believe that each person has a gorgeous and beautiful angle! Carel all the photos are from real guest from. Shenzhen to find the preferred card of the wedding photography music Shenzhen wedding photography studio Website: cheap evening dresses


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